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Per a qualsevol dubte o per demanar pressupost, contacti amb nosaltres per telf. +34 972 170 090 (horari de dilluns a divendres de 8.00h a 20.00h) o enviant-nos un mail. És necessari omplir tots els camps marcats amb un *.

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Professional Team

We endorse the expertise and extensive experience in the field of solar protection. We believe in continuous research and the quality of our products and solutions.

Our technical team is ready to design, develop and execute projects that arise.


Toldos Mallol work together with architectural firms, construction firms and independent structure calculations.

Contact us to collaborate.


Specialists sunscreen. We deal with the whole process, from the initial sketch to manufacturing and installation. Always taking care of the details as they are what make the difference.


We follow a superior quality control because we are more demanding than the regulations recommend

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